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Distributed in chemists and drugstores

  • Products made in France

  • 98% d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle

    All the Bio criteria,
    the high tolerance in addition

    The natural range with more than 98% naturally, sourced ingredients *.

    * Except the natural nail polishes containing up to 83% of natural-origin ingredients.

Why using Natorigin ?

NATORIGIN high-tolerance products containing natural/organic ingredients have been developed not only to preserve the environment and its natural resources but also to ensure  safety in use  by women with sensitive, intolerant or allergic skin and eyes, in accordance with the criteria stipulated by dermatologists and allergy specialists (allergenic preservatives removed, plant proteins removed, essential oils prohibited and silicones removed, etc...).


98% of all ingredients are of natural origin

20% of all ingredients are from organic farming

according to ISO 16128 standard