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Distributed in chemists and drugstores

  • Products made in France

  • 98% d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle

    All the Bio criteria,
    the high tolerance in addition

    The natural range with more than 98% naturally, sourced ingredients *.

    * Except the natural nail polishes containing up to 83% of natural-origin ingredients.

Frequently asked questions

Where can you find our products ?

In chemists and drugstores.
On our website, under heading "SALES OUTLETS", are all the addresses where you can find our products. Even if your chemist does not carry our products, he can order them and satisfy your request withing 24h to 48h. All the pharmaceutical wholesalers in France list our products, it's a service that the Contapharm Laboratories supply, make the most of it !

Why are Organic Cosmetics just one step and how does NATORIGIN go further ?

Because NATorigin must respect the environment like all Organic products, but also meet the standards of Allergy Specialists and Dermatologists necessary for their patients prone to sensitivities, intolerances or allergies.
NATORIGIN with at least 97% naturally-sourced ingredients is developed, tested, produced, controlled, traced and distributed respecting the CONTAPHARM Laboratories ISO 9001 certification, version 2008.

Do your products contain Paraben ?


Do your products contain Peruvian Balm, Lanolin, mixed Fragrances, Chrom ?


Are your products tested on animals ?


Are your products approved for vegetarians ?

YES, they carry an official English label from the Vegetarian Society.

Does the ORGANIC label guarantee good health?

NO, the ORGANIC label is a guarantee for the environment. The health guarantee requires the avoidance of all ingredients posing a risk (even natural substances). Furthermore, all safety and tolerance tests for the skin and eyes must have been completed successfully.