Where can I find your products in France?

Natorigin products are sold in pharmacies and health and beauty stores.

are sold in pharmacies and health and beauty stores.POINTS OF SALE page on our website.

Do your products contain nickel, chromium, cobalt, etc.?

NO, Natorigin products and in particular the make-up products are formulated with specific pigments with a reduced content of allergenic metals such as nickel, chromium and cobalt.

They are therefore entirely recommended for those with allergies.

Do your products contain parabens?

NO. The Eye Care Cosmetics range is formulated without parabens.

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Loyalty program
How does the loyalty programme work?

The loyalty programme allows you to accumulate points on all the products purchased from the website, excluding items on sale.

How do I join the loyalty programme?

You automatically join the loyalty programme when you create your account on the website and place your first order.

How long is my loyalty voucher valid for?

The loyalty voucher is valid for 6 months after it is issued.

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My account
How do I create an account?

There are two ways to create an account:

- either directly on the login icon. Then click sign up.

- or from the basket by clicking complete my order.

I've forgotten my password

On the login page, click Forgotten password. You will receive an email allowing you to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, go to your account under the personal information heading and then password. Enter the new password chosen.

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How do I use my discount voucher?

To use your discount voucher, enter the code received by email, which can also be accessed under your account's Loyalty programme heading, in the area provided for this purpose at the end of your basket.

Can several discounts be used at once?

It depends on the current promotions. Some may be used together. For example, the welcome offer after signing up to the newsletter may be used with other current promotions.

Your loyalty voucher may be used for your basket containing items on sale.

There is a payment error message. What is the problem?

Payment errors may have several causes:

- either the error comes from a problem in sending the request to the bank

- or the payment has been declined by the bank. To place the order again, you must return to your customer area and go to your cancelled order. Click the button that lets you reorder the same items.

Your basket will therefore be ready to be confirmed as a new order and you will be able to make the payment again.

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How can I enjoy free delivery?

Delivery is free for all orders of €40 or more for delivery to mainland France. For delivery to overseas departments, delivery is free for orders of €130 or more.

How long does it take to prepare the order?

Your parcels are prepared in the two days following your order, except during closure periods.

What is the average delivery time?

The parcels are sent via Colissimo. The average delivery time after processing the parcel is estimated at 48 hours.

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How do you contact customer services?

You can contact customer services:

- by EMAIL at the following address:

- by TELEPHONE: 01 64 25 03 33

- by POST at the following address: Laboratoires CONTAPHARM

Customer services

Hameau de Vulaines 77390 Yèbles - FRANCE

I'm a pharmacist in France and I would like to sell Natorigin products. Whom should I contact?

You can contact our sales department:

- By email at the following address:

- By telephone: 01 64 25 03 33

I want to make a complaint about a product.

Please address your complaint to customer services:

- By email at the following address:

- By telephone: 01 64 25 03 33

- By post at the following address: Laboratoires CONTAPHARM

Customer services

Hameau de Vulaines - 77390 YEBLES - FRANCE

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