His expertise

The NATORIGIN formulations take into account recommendations by allergy specialists and dermatologists, partners of the Contapharm Laboratories, who identified the raw materials in standard ORGANIC or natural products most likely to generate problems, and cause of 20 to 30% of cutaneous or ocular reactions.

For example, you will find none of the following in NATORIGIN products : plant proteins, essential oils of limonene, linalol, geraniol, sodium laureth sulfate, mineral oils, silicon, etc...

The NATORIGIN cosmetic qualities have been specifically developed to ensure optimal efficiency while promising soft textures, sensual formulations and a moment of pleasure on application.

These products also benefit from the expertize in high-tolerance research from the Contapharm Laboratories (ultra-micronization - natural pigments - non-ionic ingredients - etc...), approved and recommended by allergy specialists and dermatologists.

Beyond ORGANIC, there's NATORIGIN High Tolerance.